Some Thoughts On Freedom

In honor of Independence Day and the heroic founding fathers who fought against tyranny, I want to talk about the subject of freedom. I believe we need more voices of reason, like Ron Paul, in these crazy times, and I have no problem being one of these voices. A lot of people live their lives in fear of speaking the truth, but I could care less. No one has any power over my thoughts.

Nations can collapse very quickly, especially if there is no political leadership. Marcus Aurelius, the last of the Five Good Emperors, ruled Rome until 180 AD, which was a time of great prosperity. By 235 AD, Rome was in crisis; over the next 50 years there were over 20 emperors. This is the type of political instability we are witnessing today in America. Things can and do change very quickly. I believe we are on the precipice of profound change.

Collapse of Freedom

When people talk about America, they automatically think freedom. I agree that America used to be very free; unfortunately, America is trending in the wrong direction.  Per capita, we have the highest incarceration rates in the world. We have the Patriot Act that keeps getting extended by both Democrats and Republicans. All Americans know that we torture people, yet there isn’t a huge public outcry over it. We lost our moral high ground around the world a long time ago. Am I the only one concerned by these trends? I’m telling you, politics and economics are inextricably linked: we will have a day of reckoning soon because of the collapse in the rule of law.

Taxes and Freedom

The founding fathers understood that direct taxes were dangerous because they could be used as a political tool. That is why it was written in the Constitution that taxes, besides property taxes, were to be indirect. The income tax in America was introduced in 1913 (there was also a brief income tax during the Civil War). Those who worry about our ability to fund our government without an income tax need to understand we did just fine without one from 1776 to 1913. There is much more to direct taxes than just generating revenue.

What’s concerning about taxes is our habit of jailing people for not paying them. This is a rarity in history. Furthermore, why is it that if Timothy Geithner doesn’t pay his income taxes it’s no big deal, but if the average American doesn’t pay taxes, IRS agents are knocking on their door with guns drawn? Everyone should abide by the same laws. The lack of prosecution of investment banks like Goldman Sachs will go down as one of the most blatant examples of corruption in history. This is a sad state of affairs in America, but take solace in knowing that it takes drastic circumstances to bring about positive change. We are getting to the point where Americans have had enough.

Because of things like the Patriot Act, the press is scared to speak out on corruption they know is occurring in America. I’m sure many of you remember “Plamegate.” Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson spoke out against the lies of former President Bush concerning Nigeria and the alleged sale of uranium to Iraq. As a result of his patriotism, Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was exposed as a CIA agent by the government, putting her life at risk. How sad. The government will resort to childish measures to retain their power; that’s what they’ve always done historically. The press in America is failing us, so the burden is on regular people with a conscience to tell the truth.

Paradox and Freedom

I wish more people understood paradox and nuance. For example, legalizing drugs is the smartest way to deal with the problem of drugs. I don’t use drugs myself, and I won’t become a heroine addict because drugs are legalized. Most of you probably know normal people who use drugs who are not criminals. Is the fact that drugs are illegal stopping them from using drugs? Not a chance. Yes drugs are bad, but non-stop government infringement of freedom is worse. The killings surrounding the drug trade are worse. The money we waste on the war on drugs is worse. The overpopulation in our jail system due to the overprosecution for non-violent crimes is worse. This is paradox- deal with drugs by legalizing them.

With any law, you must weigh the good against the bad. So with freedom of speech, yes you will get the kooks standing on the street corner spewing nonsense. But you also get a check against the government. You get open debate and discussion. Freedom of speech is not something you can do half-way, for if you legislate against some forms of free speech, you run the risk of legislating against them all. It’s just like the Patriot Act. The American people gave in an inch, and now the government continues to add increasingly invasive measures to the Act. All Americans are now presumed guilty until proven innocent. If you don’t think this is a concerning trend, you better wake up.

There is surely going to be a collapse of confidence in America. This is what I’ve been warning about, and this is what I’m waiting for. I am just speaking the truth. Believe me, we will default on our debt. There will be incredible political instability. Gold is going to obscene levels. Our leaders really have no clue. I am very optimistic that there will be a trend of greater freedom in the years ahead, but only after we deal with a major crisis where the American people wake up. Be prepared. Stay nimble. Things are going to get crazy.

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  • Otumac

    Hey Moses,

    Been reading and enjoying your blog for a while now.  You have wisdom and insight beyond your years and this retired guy would heed your advice far more readily than most self-proclaimed economic experts.  Keep up the good work.

    • Moses

      Thanks Otumac. It will probably better for us all if the self-proclaimed experts who forever predict better economic times ahead are right, but I doubt it. 

  • Donroen

    Your insight is a gift and your dead on. What amazes me is that most everyone seems to think everything is just fine and we will all go hoping down the yellow brick road. Well dream on.

    • Moses

      Thanks Donroen. The general level of apathy is quite concerning, and it looks like we need another crisis to wake up the American people. Let’s hope for the best though.

  • Anish Poojara

    Nice and bold.

    When you say lack of taking action against Goldman Sachs is a form of corruption do you mean political corruption or financial? In India they would have easily paid off. Everyone except me seems to be corrupt. If I sent my thoughts to even my closest friends they would have handed me over to a mental asylumn. We even “bribe” God with money.

    anish poojara, India

    • Moses

      Hey Anish,

      I think the example of Goldman Sachs is one of political and financial corruption. The only reason Goldman Sachs got away with what they did is because their tentacles run deep within politics. 

  • alphajuliet

    A return to 1912 tax laws would be the best economic stimulus the country has ever had.

    • Moses


  • Sam

    Moses, you have a very nice blog here and over the last few months I have enjoyed reading through most of the blog.

    I think one of the main problems in America right now with freedom is that for many years now citizens have slowly but surely been giving up their freedoms.  This has occurred to such a large extent that many Americans don’t really have a proper understanding of what freedom even is.  It is like they have been trained to obedient servants to the current system which would have been viewed as tyrannical by the founding fathers.

    • Moses

      Exactly. Part of this is a failure in our education system, and part of it is the apathy towards ideas like freedom that ALWAYS happens. 

  • Thebsidetothetruth

    Great pointS!  I support them one hundred percent!  125% even!  I would also refer you to re-reading the science of getting rich also.  Sometimes the subject of corrupt officials and modern day tyranny create a negative energy.  Government has always ran the masses from the beginning.  It’s all the same, government, religion, media, social media now… all of it influences a person’s mind. 

    Knowing that it has always existed it a key element I have learned recently.  I would get so wrapped up on these topics with people that just don’t get it and a not pleasant debate would pop up.  I would actually get frustrated at their “stupidity”.  I have learned they are just at a different level of understanding. 

    Christ, Buddha, and Gandhi all had one thing in common.  They got the deeper level, they lived it, and then invited others to follow!

    Freakin love your stuff brotha!  Keep on writin!


    • Moses

      Thanks Colton. The deception just runs so deep that it takes a lot of investigating to get to the bottom of things. Not all people are willing to take this journey, which is where their “stupidity”, or more accurately put, ignorance, stems from.

  • Hoover

    Fascinating and mostly accurate IMHO.  Quite insightful actually for someone so young.  Have a read of the prophecy written 39 years ago by a man of ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ fame.  His name is David Wilkerson and was one of the most respected men in christian circles (he died last year).  It is called ‘The Vision’.  It basically says everything that you have said except he says that gold and silver will decrease in value and not increase.  Look up David Wilkerson the vision on google.  You will be amazed at how much of the prophecy has come true and how it prophecies what is happening now.  God is in control and it is happening now.  Very exciting times.

    • Moses Kim

       Very interesting I will look him up. If I had to guess, I would assume his bearishness on gold and silver is due to the fact that he lived mostly in an era when we had a gold standard. I’m sure if he were alive today he would have flipped his stance.

  • Sherlock

    Moses, you are on the right path just keep digging a little deeper….

    It’s a jigsaw puzzle which you’re constantly piecing together ….

    Here’s one missing piece:

    “The chief distinction, however, between a slave and a free man is that a free man owns what he produces, while a slave does not.”

    How many American’s fit into the former and how many fit into the latter?

    p.s. Like your site a lot!

    Take Care.

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