Our Immediate Future

Rip Van Winkle awakened from a multi-decade slumber to see a country he didn’t recognize. While the people he met upon awakening may have been a little scruffy, they had newfound freedom and the hope that the future would be better. Now the situation is reversed. We are putting an excessive burden of debt on our children and grandchildren. There are no jobs, and we are losing our civil liberties….

Gold is Going Nowhere

It never ceases to amaze me how normal corrections in gold get everyone so bent out of shape. Europe is collapsing and Western nations can’t balance their budgets. Japan is headed for a monumental collapse, and the combination of an aging population, a 200% debt-to-GDP ratio, and an overly xenophobic population guarantees an epic crisis there. Here in the U.S., the profligate spending of our leaders has put us in…

Too Nothing, Too Late

The financial panic of 2007 was pretty easy for me to predict, but I can understand why people didn’t see it coming. However, if you get blindsided this time around, it’s your fault. This is literally the easiest crisis to predict, and economic historians will no doubt look back and scratch their heads at the lack of intelligent policy decisions we made to prevent this crisis.┬áThis is not a case…

Gold Correction, Looking for Direction

What separates the men from the boys in investing is patience. Jesse Livermore always talked about how very few people kept their position for the duration of a bull market. Most people either sold too early to lock in profits or they sold too early after a shakeout. As I’ve said, 20%-30% corrections are normal; in bull markets all timing mistakes are forgiven as long as you hold your position….

Newsletter Announcement

Hello all. Thanks to those of you who expressed interest in my newsletter and all the kind words. Based on the feedback I’ve been getting from people, I’ve decided to create a 2 tiered subscription system. (Update #2: The right sidebar subscribe buttons should be working now. If you tried subscribing anytime before 3:30 PM Pacific time, I didn’t receive the payment and you’re probably not subscribed to the newsletter….