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    Is the Timing Right for a Gold Rally?

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    Gold to Retest Highs?

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What Happened to Silver?

It seems like ages ago that silver was the talk of the town. As silver spiked towards $50, the expectation was for the outright collapse of our entire monetary system. That didn’t occur as planned; as usual, before a bull market make its biggest move, the believers need to disappear. That’s the process occurring as we speak. If an asset is trading within it’s normal range, it is generally not interesting…

Let the Capitulation in Gold Begin?

Since my last post, gold has dropped over $60 in a matter of weeks. This is not good, especially because the “mandatory” dollar rally appears to have arrived. To review, the dollar became the carry trade currency of choice due to artificially low interest rates. This creates a situation where the slightest uptick in the dollar forced investors to buy back dollars to unwind their trade. This, of course, leads to…

Gold: It Is Not Time

I was at a used bookstore  the other day perusing the business and investing section when I saw a couple of books about the next Great Depression of America. Of course I had to take a look. The arguments in these books were pretty sound, and I nodded my head often…. that is, until I realized these books were from 20 and 30 years ago! These authors (still doom and gloomers today)…

Where’s the Economic Collapse?

Those who have been expecting an economic collapse are no doubt wondering why the markets are not reacting to clear bearish news: a) the renewed engagement in Iraq, b) the Ukranian/ Russian crisis, and c) riots on the streets in St. Louis. Let’s also not forget the cell phone “kill switch” that is about to be passed in California under the veil of catching criminals who steal phones. The truth, though, is that…


Do You Remember? Why Gold?

Gold is turning into something of a forgotten asset, and that’s fine by me. There will be a time to buy gold again, and when that time comes, there will be very few believers. That’s the way it always is before a major rally. With most things in life, you see something like a 90/10 or 80/20 rule. As it relates to gold, this means that 5% are in the “gold…